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Most people will never know that their sleep has been holding the potential to change their lives, patiently waiting for us to wake up to its magic.
A world first, these unique lessons recorded over 10 lunchtimes are now available for you to download as complete set of 10 x 1 hour video workshops. 

If your ambition for the night is just a deep and dreamless sleep then hold onto your hats, as we welcome you into the world of Sleep Magic - Nightness™️. 

10 Lessons In Nightness 
Nightness: The Mixtape 
Admittedly hard to categorise, blending Tibetan Dream Yoga, Hypnotherapy, breath, colour, neuroscience, laughs along with popular culture. 

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10 Lessons in Nightness

More Pret a Rêver than Pret a Manger. 

Over 10 lunchtimes in March 2021, 50 people from 8 countries joined myself and Ben for a series of 1 hour workshops. 
10 Lessons in Nightness brought 'flavours of sleep’ - qualities to positively influence the rest of the day, our dreams and even how you wake in the morning. 

The result was life changing for many who now having a way to access: 

• Deeper sleep Supercharging Sleep 
• Wake up with lightness and zing Refreshing Sleep
• Access uninhibited inspiration with Creative sleep
• Recreate the best sleep ever in Loving Sleep 
• Experience Healing Sleep never before shared outside of a one to one therapeutic setting 
• Indulgent and radiant after a Beauty Sleep

Other Lessons include Spiritual Sleep, Playful Sleep, Dreaming Sleep (a great intro to Dream Yoga) and Healthy Sleep where we sort out sleep anxiety and insomnia. 

The entire set of 10 Lessons In Nightness is now available to download as video and audio.


Nightness: The Mixtape
Music has the power to take us right back, emotions flood back, maybe a wry smile or a flushed cheek. 

How does it do that? And can we harness that power to make amazing things happen in the reals?

Inspired by iconic moments in music, explore it's potency from a neuroscientific, cultural and spiritual lens, then experience enlightening revelations, trips and insight.

HAPPIEST sleep - We kick off with an introduction why the brain loves music and the powerful connection between memory and music. With a practice that collates your best music memories into a montage and a joyous sleep.

LYRICAL Sleep - Some of the greatest ever songs came in dream; Yesterday and Satisfaction being just 2. Ben shares his own dream songwriting success and the secret of a killer lyric. Take on a new songwriter persona and marvel at how we are both the creator, muse and audience…. just like when we dream. This session includes a practice to create a song lyric par excellence

Inspired by one of the greatest music videos A-ha Take On Me, we go from the mundane to the magical, going through a Looking Glass of our own design. We exploring and experience the Flow State, place of unlimited possibility and the relationship between drawing and the brain. In this practice we create our own ‘place of inspiration’ to revisit whenever we could use a new perspective, solution or insight.

Are some songs designed to be irresistible?
We discuss the biggest performing track in the world of 2020 - Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. Is it a coincidence that it’s about clear light? A fascinating look into the relationship between hypnosis and music. Includes a truly transcendent two-voice practice of imaginary hypnosis to deliver your greatest bliss.

Let's get dressed up and go to the best joint in town whenever we want. Anywhere we want! Dance, laugh, love. Inspired by the happiest song of all time Love Shack. Learn how to head to your own Love Shack. Somewhere only you know for a daytime dalliance or a night of dreams.

Like a Myers Briggs personality test staged within the music industry. This practice will reveal your true comfort level by way of the dream, are you the band’s bassist before they were famous, the stadium megastar, the manager or the tea lady? This session reveals truths. 

Taking inspiration from Clare’s love of Daft Punk, we explore the psychology of fandom from merchandise to biro-ing a logo on your school folder. This practice visits iconic album covers and some new ones “Now That's What I Call Sleep”. We also visit our future self defined in Magnetic Sleep for some further insight.

What do your Crystal visions reveal in this Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’ inspired session.
Why do we get such pleasure from heartbreak songs? Exploring the popularity of dreams in songwriting as a way of revealing someone’s true feelings. With an incredible practice retrofitting our dreams to find the crucial first step to greatness. 

Elucidating and emotional. Inspired by Donna Summer’s fantasy rendezvous song where she meets her heroes. Is it any coincidence that our greatest minds took strategic daytime naps? Err we say no, as we carry on that tradition. 
This practice has us swapping with icons and absorbing their magic. Who's greatness would you love just one touch of?

The 6/8 nature of our clicker ticker is the universal rhythm of the lullaby. When it comes to calming is this a COINcidence? We think not! What can we learn to nap, doze, snooze and sleep like a baby, to lull us to our natural rhythm.