Help For Sleep Online Course

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Ready to solve sleep?

Grounded in neuroscience, biochemistry and a lot of common sense, Help For Sleep takes the dread out of bedtime with simple and rapidly effective techniques for a return to refreshing, deep sleep.

Created by Clare, a former insomniac, who really gets what it's like to struggle with sleep. She offers a new way at looking at persistent sleep issues, with techniques to never need be troubled by sleep again. 

This easy to follow programme gives you:

  • The coherent breath technique (aka 6/6 breathing)
  • 1 deeply relaxing and mind clearing visualisation practice
  • My 40 minute workshop video with the vital reframing and myth-busting 
  • An invite to try the health game-changer that is Sleep Tape (aka 3M micropore tape). Once you know, you know!

Help For Sleep shares techniques that work for many regardless of coffee, stress, hormones, blue light or any other factor we are told hinders sleep found in articles and often outdated science. 

You see, for some the suggestions of what helps, or hinders our ability to drop off (often termed ‘Sleep Hygiene’) have a knack of making us feel even more worried about our sleep, feeling we’re doing it wrong.

Standard sleep advice often misses this glaringly obvious point, bedtime should feel like a time of liberation and letting go, instead of rules and metrics.

With Help For Sleep prepare to be unshackled and enjoy the delights of the night once again. 

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