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Sleep anxiety: where we’re going wrong

For some, the standard suggestions of what helps, or hinders our ability to drop off (often termed ‘Sleep Hygiene’), can have a knack of making us feel even more worried about our sleep, feeling we’re doing it wrong. Sleep issues have rocketed in 2020, whether waking in the night or getting to sleep in the first place it’s clear that the current advice isn’t working. 

As an on/off insomniac of three decades I found the ‘help’ on offer actually made me more anxious:

‘I’ve had a coffee at 1pm and my cut off is 12pm. I won't sleep tonight’. 

‘I've checked my work emails too late. I won't sleep tonight’.

‘I've had a nap but it wasn't 8 hours after waking and 4 hours before my estimated bedtime. I’ll never sleep tonight’.  

Does this sound familiar? 

I created HELP FOR SLEEP with Ben as I was frustrated that the standard advice misses this glaringly obvious point. We devised a super simple protocol created for those for whom bedtime has become dread-time. Grounded in neuroscience, biochemistry and a lot of common sense, this effective and rapid programme combines breath and visualisation practices with plenty of myth-busting.


Check out the testimonials below, received from our research group after just 7 days of continued practice. 




The Online Course - CLICK HERE TO BUY

As a mix of video, audio and a little bit of reading, the Help For Sleep programme is simple and easy to follow. You will receive 


  • An understanding and demonstration of the BREATH that calms the brain, and bring all systems of the body into balance. Hint noisy brains fight sleep. 
  • VISUALISATION. This 5 minute colour visualisation calms anxiety, rids mental tension and coaxes sleep. Demonstrated in video and also as an audio file for nightly practice. 
  • WORKSHOP. This video workshop taken from our research trial, is where I blast the myths around the ‘dos and don’ts’ of sleep hygiene and the out of date science which create unnecessary stress around sleep. We reframe crazy societal expectations keeping you stuck, compare with other cultures and delve into the sleep habits of our ancestors. Recognise how your self talk impacts your sleep and discover the bathroom cabinet essential that will revolutionise your sleep….all hail the Sleep Tape! 



Private sessions

For those preferring to learn in person there are Help For Sleep one to ones. 

In a 1 hour Zoom session we address your particular sleep concern(s) and put together a personalised programme for you combining breath techniques and sleep practices. You will receive a recording of the session.

A private 1hr session costs £108 to be paid in full at time of booking. I offer a full refund if you find the session of no use at all.

You can schedule a time that suits on my Calendy page 



Testimonials after just 7 days following the Help For Sleep protocol 

Thank you so much I have found the experience absolutely brilliant! The techniques have been transformative. I feel that my sleep and my view of sleep has improved. I'm sleeping through a lot more and am so much less anxious about sleep. I know that I am able to sleep, that confidence in the efficacy of the tools is huge and makes such a difference. I'm not finding myself dreading not being able to sleep or worrying about being tired the next day. What I might choose to watch on TV does not affect my ability to sleep as I felt it did before. Louise


It takes me less time to get to sleep and I'm waking more refreshed. Becki 


Thank you so much for the course. I found the skills really helpful, and found it massively improved my sleep quality. My husband loved it too, he's a good sleeper anyway but got very on board with the taping as found he was more energised for the kids early wake ups. Mary 


I think my attitude towards it has changed and know that if I’m in bed for 10.30 I will get enough sleep even if I wake I now know I’ll be able to go back to sleep easily, instead of waking with a feeling of dread, I’m more relaxed. Nicola 



For some it takes a little longer….but SO worth it 

After the first week, I could tell there was a bit of a difference - going to bed felt easier - and I was keen to see if this would increase over time and decided to continue. 

I have now been following Clare’s sleep routine for eight weeks, and I cannot believe the difference it has made. I developed severe insomnia whilst suffering with anxiety around four years ago. Even after I got my anxiety under control, I never recovered my ability to sleep easily. Nighttime had became a time of dread. Having spoken to Clare about this before I knew she understood so I was very keen to try her sleep programme. 

For me the way you position your philosophy, the context and the recognition about how easy it is to develop bad sleep habits and the tone in which you deliver this message was the real starting point in the journey. 

Putting on sleep tape, doing the ribbon breath and then 12 minutes of 6/6 breathing has now become my bedtime ritual. It’s like I’ve been given a toolkit to help me manage my sleep and I no longer worry about going to bed and even look forward to it again. Is my sleep perfect? Of course not, I don’t think anyone’s is, but most nights I fall asleep shortly after finishing my exercises. More importantly though, when I don’t I no longer get anxious about whether sleep will come. If I’m struggling I just go back to the breathing. I had tried breathing exercises and meditation before (not to mention expensive therapy) but nothing worked for me the way this does. I can’t believe that a strip of micropore and two simple breathing exercises could transform my life so much. I’d recommend this to anyone! Your exercises have really worked for me - and for that I cannot thank you enough.  Sarah