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Yoga Nidra is an ancient guided relaxation technique without movement. There really is nothing for you to do except be comfortable and listen as you are guided to deep rest.

Yoga Nidra can be practised either as a group or 1:1. In real life or online, live or as a recording. For a more detailed explanation of the process check out the ‘What is Yoga Nidra’ page.


Taking the time to get really comfy is key to the experience, you want to be so comfortable that you forget the existence of the body.

Listen lying on the sofa, set up on a yoga mat on the floor or in bed. It’s even possible to practise seated making sure you are well supported and can be comfortable for up to 30 minutes.

Here are some suggestions to help:


  • The most usual position for Nidra is in Savasana (corpse pose) in Yoga i.e lying on you back, arms to the side, hands facing upwards and feet slightly apart.

  • If you're pregnant, lying on your left hand side is likely to be more comfortable and safest.

  • Have a covering either a blanket or duvet, socks are a good idea too. `it’s amazing how much the body cools when it's at rest, even on a hot day so it’s best to be prepared.

  • A thin pillow under the head will add comfort and keep your neck in line. If you’re lying on your side may need a thicker cushion or pillow so that the neck is in line with the spine.

  • Those with lower back problems may find a bolster cushion (the cylindrical type) or rolled up towel/blanket under the knees takes pressure off the lower back.

  • An eye mask if practising in the daytime can be helpful. Headphones can also be a help by blocking out noise and making the Nidra feel more intimate.


In addition to the physical posture, perhaps also consider; the room temperature, aroma (calming or grounding essential oils work well and are good for re-embodying at the end). Keep hydrated with water before or after, a light snack afterwards is good to ground you before going back into the world.



Yoga Nidra is often thought of as being something you do before bed however early in the day works really well to set you up for the day ahead. I like to use Nidra if I have an afternoon slump – it works wonders where a nap would make me groggy. Perhaps experiment and enjoy finding out what works for you.


Please don’t worry about it. The old school particularly Swami Satyananda [who devised the current structure of Yoga Nidra], was insistent on not falling asleep. He could be pretty brusque about it too!

These days we are more sensitive and recognise that should you fall asleep it’s clear this is exactly what was needed. In fact, Total Yoga Nidra describe Yoga Nidra an adaptogenic practice ‘meeting you where you are’ to provide what’s required at that moment.

Ideally you would be in a state of consciousness between awake and sleep, in essence what Yoga Nidra is. The exception being a Yoga Nidra designed for sleep problems, these are adapted so that there is no invitation to come back to the waking state, with the intention that you do indeed drift off.



Yoga Nidra practitioners do not claim to be Therapists (unless they are) or view the Nidra experience as equivalent to Hypnotherapy however there are certainly similarities in the process and effect on the mind.
Yoga Nidra, like hypnosis, takes us to the hypnogogic state, the boundary between wakefulness and sleep where re-patterning of ingrained beliefs can take place via metaphor or use of intention (sankalpa).

Hypnosis works on the right side of the brain however Yoga Nidra engages both the left and the right sides making it effective for busy minds who need something to ‘do’ whilst the deeper work and a balancing is happening.

Overall, Yoga Nidra is arguably a more relaxing experience for the participant, down to the physical setting, the much longer settling period and use pranayama (breath work) and the mystical aspects of Yoga. The very fact that one feels so relaxed can help with this efficacy of Nidra.



I think Yoga teachers worldwide were surprised at how well classes continued over Zoom. We found that clients were able to let go much easier in their own homes than a studio setting.

There is some light admin beforehand (pre-registering at the Zoom link provided, then receiving an email with the link to join the class). Once in, we start with a chat with cameras and mics on but as we settle down you choose whether to keep the camera on or turn off and just listen.
After the Nidra you have the option to come around together, ask any questions or just have a chat with our cameras on. But equally this is your practice so it’s fine to just turnoff your device and head to bed. I just ask that you pop a comment in the chat or email me the next day just so I know you’re ok.



For group classes
Payments made by bank transfer or Paypal. 

Bespoke Yoga Nidra (1 consultation, 1 personalised Nidra)
Email me to arrange the consultation
The full amount £177 is to be paid by purchasing through this website. Payment secures the booking. See below for cancelation policy 

Vinyasa Yoga Nidra experience 
(4 consultations & 4 Nidras)

The first step is to email me to arrange our first consultation and confirm your preferred payment option. 

1payment of £699 or 2 payments of £350 

- If paying in full, simply purchase the Vinyasa through this website latest 2 weeks before our 1st session (or at the time if booking less than 2 weeks before). Payment secures the booking. See below for cancelation policy 

- If choosing 2 payments of £350 
I will send you an e-invoice for the first £350 which is to be paid 2 weeks before our 1st session (or at the time if booking made less than 2 weeks). Payment secures the booking. See below for cancelation policy

We will arrange the dates for each session together.

Please be aware of the rescheduling / cancelation policy below in Terms & Conditions. 



Terms & Conditions

  1. Online Classes Pre-register with the Zoom link provided. An email with the link to join the class will be sent.
    If you have paid for the class and my (Creative Yoga Nidra) connection goes down and the class can’t go ahead I will reschedule the meeting, if you can’t make that I will send a recording.
    Please note I am unable to refund for technical issues on you (the client’s) side
  1. Online Classes I am unable to refund a Client who does not attend the session.
  2. I request that you do not share any Yoga Nidra recordings
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  4. 1:1 Packages - Booking
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  5. 1:1 Packages - Payment
    Full Payment is required 2 weeks before our appointment to secure the booking. If your appointment is sooner than 2 weeks, then full payment at that time.
  6. 1:1 Packages Cancellation, rescheduling & Non-attendance
  • If you need to reschedule I require 48 hrs notice.
  • If you choose to cancel I require 48 hrs notice and a full refund will be provided.
  • Cancelation within 48 hrs of the scheduled appointment or non-attendance then 50% of fee will be retained. The remainder will be refunded.