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10 Lessons in Nightness




Clare Macdonald and Ben Wolff have put together a remarkable celebration of the delights of the night. Not for everyone, of course, this course is only for those looking to seriously enjoy the benefits of lovely nights. 

Each lesson weaves between the worlds of imagination, clinical hypnotherapy, colour, language, and the breath to reenvision the night as a time for loveliness and magic.

Want your sleep to be refreshing? Creative? Healing? 

Over Ten Weekday Lunch Lessons in Nightness enjoy a luxury skilling up from the delicious menu of night treats, either singularly or the whole feast:

1. Beauty Sleep

2. Lovin' Sleep 

3. Creative Sleep 

4. Healthy Sleep 

5. Family Sleep  

6. Superchargin' Sleep 

7. Refreshin' Sleep 

8. Healin' Sleep 

9. Dreamin' Sleep 

10. Spiritual Sleep 


'You have given us so much. I now look forward to the night. I think I said earlier in the week that just knowing I have so many tools that I can use if i ever had trouble sleeping just in itself takes any trouble away. The night is alright. Life, waking and sleeping, reels and reals is more juicy, colourful and full of possibilities.' HN

' Being new to this dreaming / napping / sleep requesting practice I know there is lots more to become aware of in my sleep, and before and after, which hopefully will come with time.  But reframing my whole attitude to sleep and rest has been wonderful. 

' What a joy the 10 naps were!  Thank you so much - I actually felt quite sad on Friday when it was the last one. Making that time to lie down, recharge and learn something really clever all at the same time was such a gift.  I told everyone in the house I was 'doing a class' - no interruptions that way, I declined to add I was having a nap, haha. Funny how that still feels so self indulgent.

Having the recordings was also a bonus - the two days I couldn't make I could catch up with at bedtime. ' KM 

'Just practised with the recording and feeling wonderfully colourful and present. Love, love, love the STAR!!!! Could feel the colours flooding me and the concentrated collection below the navel and flooding back out again - WOW! Even my pointillism was colourful and I could really feel the imagined movements in my body. Substance p has changed too, haven’t quite got the words to describe that but it feels right. I’ll be using this A LOT and will have a go at 8 hours on/off post surgery next week. It already feels like a super power you’ve given us! Thank you again!!!!.' RP