Become fluent in imagination

I'm Clare founder of Creative Sleep, sleep and dream practices that use breath + imagination to take you ‘there’.

To be creative is to open up to seeing things differently, finding new solutions. Creative Sleep is a technology which allows entry to a dream state where creative forces flow and positive change can occur:

- Access your genius
- Increase lucidity in your dream life and clarity in the waking
- Sleep better
- Lower stress & anxiety 
- Find the Flow State - turn up your creativity and increase productivity
- Interpret your dreams the Tibetan way 

Although rooted in ancient Tibetan Dream Yogas, Creative Sleep practices refer to the latest neuroscience with fun, relatable references.

You won't need to be asleep to benefit, all sessions take the brain to the 'The Inbetweens' on the alpha/theta border of 7.83Hz. Getting there is easier than you might imagine, using Coherent breathing and a clicker ticker (a digital metronome set to 60 bpm). Soon we enter the flow state, a place liberation and limitless possibility.

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Solve Sleep

Help For Sleep programme

Whether you're troubled by waking in the night or have difficulty dropping off in the first place, Help For Sleep offers a return to deep, refreshing sleep.

Created with Clincial Hypnotherapist, neuroscience and breath expert Ben Wolff this protocol offers liberation to those for whom bedtime has become dread-time.

No expensive mattresses, lavender pillow sprays or app subscriptions required!

Grounded in neuroscience, biochemistry and with a sprinkling of Tibetan magic, this rapidly effective programme combines breath therapy, visualisation practices, reframes and mythbusting. Exposing out of date science and the unrealistic societal expectations that put pressure on sleep.

'I’d recommend this to anyone! Your exercises have really worked for me - and for that I cannot thank you enough.' Sarah

'Thank you so much I have found the experience absolutely brilliant! The techniques have been transformative.' Louise L 

'Thank you so much for the course. I found the skills really helpful, and found it massively improved my sleep quality.' Mary

'My attitude towards it has changed and know that if I’m in bed for 10.30 I will get enough sleep even if I wake I now know I’ll be able to go back to sleep easily, instead of waking with a feeling of dread, I’m more relaxed' Nicola 

The Help For Sleep programme is available as:

The Online Course

Private 1:1 sessions