Resting to Awaken

Hi, I'm Clare Macdonald founder of Creative Yoga Nidra. My mission is to enable as many people as possible to relax and reconnect with their true selves. We often find ourselves sleepwalking through life, exhausted. Yoga Nidra is what the world needs now:

- Satisfies our most basic need for rest
- Facilitates healing in the body
- Provides potential for an awakening of our (magical) selves.

Translating to Yogic Sleep, during Yoga Nidra only your body sleeps, your mind is still lucid yet deeply relaxed.

If you have enjoyed Yoga Nidra at the end of a yoga class or used an online recording to help sleep you are in for a treat, as Creative Yoga Nidra is so much more.

Why creative? To be creative is to open up to seeing things differently, finding new solutions. Creative Yoga Nidra as a technology allows us to do this, creating space in our minds to access our unconscious, allowing creative energy to flow and affect positive change. Add your Sankalpa (a resolve or intention to guide change in our lives) into the Nidra and find your flow. WOW!  What could be more creative than that?

This is a practice for everyone, if you can lie down (or sit) and listen then you can benefit from Yoga Nidra.


Individual Nidra Download a recording to own and enjoy forever. 
Bespoke Yoga Nidra Work with me 1:1 for a personalised Yoga Nidra
Vinyasa Yoga Nidra experience. 3 months of 1:1 as we co-create a flow 4 personalised Nidras.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Mind, body & soul

As well as limitless potential for optimising your life, Yoga Nidra is well documented to help with the following: anxiety, reduce chronic pain, type 2 diabetes, addiction, PMS, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, Trauma (PTSD) and even slow premature ageing.

Yoga Nidra is truly accessible and so easy to fit into daily life. No experience of meditation or asana (the physical postures associated with Yoga) are needed, no specific equipment required, you don’t even need to leave the house.

If you can lie down (or sit) and listen, any age from children to the elderly can benefit from this deeply restorative practice.

'Creative Yoga Nidra is one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had - almost out of body. 

I’m not very good at meditation, my mind wanders too much, so Nidra is a perfect way for me to relax.' Catherine